Your e-commerce suite, complete and customizable.

Everything you need to grow your business: an attractive online showcase, simple and modern interfaces; an SEO-friendly site, to obtain maximum visibility, and mobile-friendly, in line with new purchasing trends; an efficient and secure back-office, with tested procedures that you can easily manage from your control panel.

Modular solutions: for an e-commerce that grows with you, without the need for excessive initial investments.

Integrated direct marketing tools.
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Our platform is extremely versatile, suitable for the creation and management of e-commerce with a reduced catalog, such as that of multi-brand stores.

For all types and sizes of sales, it offers optimal solutions, both as regards the configuration and management of sites and the catalog, and for the back-office, warehouse and billing, and possibly the agent network.

You can choose which features to activate, whether the complete suite or a basic version, and possibly add individual features at a later time.

Explore all the potential of the e-commerce suite in its sections and features described below and contact us to find out more.

Visit the case studies of your interest or download the suite data sheet for further information.

Website management and configuration

From the management system it is possible to proceed with the configuration of your e-commerce site, fully customizable. It is possible to activate multiple e-commerce, each with its own brand, its own navigation and catalog pages.

  • activation of an e-commerce site or multiple e-commerce;
  • configuration of navigation menu and internal pages;
  • activation and personalization of the customer reserved area;
  • SEO management: tags, metatags, SERP...;
  • configuration of e-commerce parameters (e.g. spending limit for free shipping);
  • setting of e-mail addresses for recipients of contact requests, orders, etc.

Management of selling

It allows you to manage all stages of the sale, from the definition of price lists, including discounts and promotions, to the monitoring of origin and status (completed, fulfilled, etc.) of orders and all related documents (DDT, invoices and more).

  • order management;
  • order / quote creation interface;
  • discount management
  • sales statistics

Management of catalog, products, price lists

  • product data sheets management (description, images, related products ...);
  • sale and purchase price management;
  • warehouse management;
  • statistics

Sales network

You can configure sales commission percentages at the price list level by assigning a price list to the agent. It is also possible to configure any sub-agents with the relative percentages.
  • multi-level access to the management system for administrators, agents and sub-agents;
  • configuration of percentages for commissions;
  • reporting by agent and by period.

Marketplaces management

If you decide to also sell through Amazon or Google Shopping, you can customize the feed for each marketplace and, vice versa, automate the acquisition and order management procedures.

  • interfacing with marketplaces: Google shopping, Amazon, Trovaprezzo, Kelkoo, e-Bay, Best shopping;
  • catalog feed export;
  • order synchronization.


To better profile your target, manage their data safely, offer discounts and personalized price lists to the most loyal customers.

  • personal data and shipping information;
  • order history and statistics;
  • discounts, coupons and personalized price lists;
  • messaging via e-mail and SMS.

Administrative and accounting software

If you already have accounting software, your e-commerce will interface with it to export orders and billing data, streamlining procedures as much as possible. If, on the other hand, you do not have external software, the administrative-accounting module of the suite will allow you to comply with all administrative and fiscal needs.

  • management of sales documents (delivery notes, receipts, invoices ...)
    • issue, download PDF, send;
  • ledger (management of advance payments and multiple payments on the same order);
  • purchase and sales schedule;
  • register of fees.

Statistics and marketing

The suite offers a very detailed statistics panel that will help you not only to monitor the actual results of your e-commerce, but also to know your customers and refine your online sales strategies.
Geolocation allows you to view the geographic location of your customers, to see the carts they make up, the purchases they conclude and those they leave incomplete.
Through a real-time messaging system, you have the possibility to contact them and support them in the purchase process.
The statistics by city and country are a valid help to optimize any campaigns, allowing you to identify the best advertising investment opportunities.

  • sales statistics by product (filterable by various parameters, for example by period of time, by customer, by geographical area);
  • average sales price, turnover and margin for each product considered;
    • turnover, costs, margin;
    • geolocation
    • real-time map of users who visit the site
  • user activity
  • time machine (visits in a selected time period)
  • devices
    • mobile
    • desktop