Reach your contacts directly on your mobile phone: for last minute communications, commercial promotions, information services on demand.

Send high quality SMS, with personalized sender, all over the world, communicating in real time.

You do not pay any fees for the platform, only the SMS you send.

Why use SMS?

SMS are an effective and direct tool that can be used for various types of communication in all sectors of activity. Their reading rate is around 98%. They are delivered within seconds of sending and are ideal, for example, to remember deadlines and appointments, to communicate program changes during an event, to promote the purchase in conjunction with a promotion with an adequate call to action.

How much do they cost?

Our prices are extremely competitive even for small volumes of mailing. If you send more than 30,000 SMS per month, you can take advantage of a pay-as-you-go rate. However, you do not pay any fees for the AnthericaSMS platform, but only the SMS you send.

High quality SMS with personalized sender

Low-quality SMSs offer lower performance than high-quality SMS and do not allow you to personalize the sender. They are sent by a generic alphanumeric sender and delivery is not guaranteed, meaning that an acknowledgment of receipt cannot be obtained.

Notification of receipt

If you use high quality SMS you will receive a delivery notification to the holder's SIM for each single message sent. As with a registered letter, you can be sure of receipt.

Delivery all over the world

We rely on accredited international operators to guarantee you the best delivery rate even abroad. You can use our SMS all over the world.

How does it work?

The AnthericaSMS platform is accessible via the web: wherever you are, you just need an Internet connection to be able to use it. Contact lists can be easily managed and divided into groups. It is equally simple to manage the creation and sending of the message. If the message length exceeds 160 characters, the system automatically uses two concatenated SMS.


The AnthericaSMS platform comes with online manuals that you can consult here. For any operational difficulty you can count on our telephone assistance, via Skype or e-mail.

In addition to the web, you can also send your SMS from a management software, via an app or other software. Thanks to the API of our proprietary platform, we can integrate AnthericaSMS with any existing software.

APIs are open interfaces of a software, that is particular interfaces that can be used to interact with a program. They allow you to expand the functionality of the software and to make it interact with other software.
Reception number

It is possible to activate a reception number for subscribing to the SMS newsletter service. The user will send an SMS with a code to subscribe to the service and another with a different code in case he wants to unsubscribe. A quick and easy way to increase subscribers to your SMS newsletter.

Databases and security
Your data resides on a reserved space on our servers or on our cloud and no other user can have access to it. The physical servers that host the platform and the databases are located in primary European web-farms that adopt strict security protocols. The data is backed up daily.