Are you looking for prospects to grow your business? Are you looking for new contacts to increase sales?

The lead generation service is aimed at finding new business contacts or new growth opportunities for your company.

No investment risk: you pay only a predetermined cost for each useful contact acquired, without any charge for the activation or for the management of the campaign.

You can use the leadmaker service even if you don't have a company site.

How does the service work?
The method
the procedure

we intercept your potential customers among users who search for products or services on the Internet;
we exploit the potential of advertising campaigns on the net, by connecting to the keywords that the user types on search engines;
we provide targeted in-depth content on landing pages, motivating visitors to provide their contact details;
we provide you with quality contacts who are genuinely interested in purchasing your products.

The phases

an integrated system

we create in-depth micro-sites;
we configure and activate the contact acquisition campaign according to the target and territorial parameters you have chosen;
interested users visit the pages and leave their contact information using the appropriate form;

The prospects acquired through the AnthericaLeadmaker service are in compliance with the privacy legislation: the provision of data is voluntary and subject to consent to the processing of the same as provided for in the privacy policy provided on the site.

we deliver the contacts acquired in your e-mail box in real time;
contact potential customers directly, converting them into business opportunities.


i tuoi prospect, pronti all'uso

receive in real time the contacts interested in your business, profiled for the following data:

  • name and surname
  • company / private
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • keywords entered during the search phase
  • product or service of interest.
It is good that interested users are contacted quickly, if possible on the same day, since they have, in fact, actively expressed an interest in your products or services. Letting contacts "cool" often means reducing the likelihood of converting them into customers.

in addition to receiving them in your mailbox, you can also have the contacts in Excel files as they are recorded in a database;
prospects constitute a selected and receptive target for your on and offline marketing actions.

no investment risk

You only pay a predefined cost for each useful contact you acquire. If the campaign does not generate any contacts, you will not be charged any costs.
It is worth mentioning what you DO NOT pay:

  • attivazione e configurazione della campagna
  • costi vivi della campagna Google Ads
  • monitoraggio della campagna
  • realizzazione pagine web (landing pages)
  • software AnthericaLeadMaker


continuous monitoring

The statistics provided by AnthericaLeadMaker first of all guarantee complete transparency and monitoring of the results of your contact acquisition campaign;
some statistical information adds useful elements to the profiling of your contacts:

  • visits with date, time, country of origin, language, OS;
  • page views / time spent on the landing
  • keywords that brought the user to the page
  • Weekly CTR and indication of performance changes