Manage your campaigns in total autonomy with the AnthericaMail e-mail marketing platform.

Communicate in a personalized way with your interlocutors. You can manage from a single interface: periodic newsletters, direct marketing, institutional communication, B2B, B2C, press releases, internal branding. Monitor the effectiveness of your communication in real time, profile and retain your target.

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How to

The Anthericamail platform can be used in the cloud: you can log in with a username and password and you don't need to install any software, you just need an Internet connection. In addition to portability, this solution also offers the advantage of not involving management costs: all maintenance costs are borne by us; moreover, take advantage of periodic updates and new releases for free.

How much does it cost?

You can purchase the software both with prepaid packages, for reduced volumes, and with an annual fee. In both cases, you can calibrate your spending on your needs, according to how many sendings you make on average over the course of the year. The fee is all inclusive: there are no hidden costs and there is no bandwidth limit, regardless of the type of account activated.

To create a newsletter

To create a beautiful and effective message you do not need any technical skills: you can compose it using drag & drop or the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, simple and intuitive. You can easily insert images, attachments, links and buttons.

Template and personalization

A professional platform allows you total freedom in the realization of the message. Thanks to the custom templates, your company name and logo are always in evidence. The insertion of content is simple and quick: you can create beautiful and effective newsletters even if you have little time to dedicate to them and do not want to steal resources from your core business.


To get the most out of your campaigns, you first need to be sure that the delivery rate of each mailing is satisfactory. Thanks to the AnthericaMail statistics you can directly check whether your mailings reach their destination and are read. We also guarantee you optimal management of the lists, to isolate the addresses with errors and keep the ranking high. Our sending IPs are accredited and monitored, whitelisted globally. To avoid the risk of your messages ending up in spam, before sending you can measure the spam index of each message; we can also offer you personalized advice in creating messages.


The AnthericaMail software comes with online manuals. A short training period is foreseen at our or your offices (travel costs excluded) or by telephone or via Skype. We provide assistance with a dedicated person: during office hours you can contact us by phone or e-mail and Skype.

The software offers a complete suite of statistics updated in real time: you can know if your contacts have opened the newsletter, on which links they have clicked, if they have forwarded the message to friends and acquaintances. Thanks to geolocation, you can also know where your recipients are reading you from.

Multichannel is now a must: AnthericaMail integrates first of all with the SMS module, allowing you to manage the sending of SMS to your recipients from a single interface. Secondly, we can integrate the newsletter management platform with any existing software, thanks to the API.

APIs are open interfaces of a software, that is particular interfaces that can be used to interact with a program. They allow to expand the functionality of the software and to make it interact with other software.

Database and security
Your data resides on a reserved space on our servers or on our cloud and no other user can have access to it. The physical servers that host the platform and the databases are located in primary European web-farms that adopt strict security protocols. The data is backed up daily.