If you are looking for a quality web hosting, rely on our services. We guarantee you 99.9% up-time and in addition customized solutions for the management of your ordinary mailboxes and PEC.


The sites are hosted on our servers, located in primary European web-farms, guaranteeing manned hosting, with periodic backup, or in the cloud, with the same security guarantees.


Our infrastructure guarantees maximum bandwidth and connectivity and is therefore able to accommodate any type of project with optimal performance.

Advantages and reliability

A combination that is not always easy to obtain: we offer high quality solutions at competitive prices, guaranteeing direct assistance and continuous support.

Email service

Management of domain-related e-mail, with mailboxes equipped with anti-spam and anti-virus filters. For special needs we recommend our premium service, the professional mailbox management service tailored to your needs.


Your personalized certified mailboxes, with anti-virus and anti-spam as per legislation and access also via webmail. Activation, configuration and certification.

From 29 November 2011, as required by art. 16, paragraph 7 of the D.L. 185/2008, all companies already established as of November 29, 2008 must necessarily have a certified electronic mail box (PEC). The obligation does not exist only for sole proprietorships.
The PEC allows you to give a message sent by e-mail the same legal value as the traditional registered letter with return receipt. By sending an e-mail from a PEC box, it is possible to certify that the message: has been sent; was delivered to the recipient; it has not been altered.