The 13th International Space Insurance Conference, organized by Pagnanelli Risk Solutions Ltd, was held in Stresa on the 14th and 15th April, 2005. The topic of the conference was “How can Finance and Insurance better facilitate the development of Space Activities?”. The participants came from 25 different Countries and they represented the main space agencies (NASA, ESA), launchers and spacecrafts’ manufacturers (Boeing, Lockheed Martin), legal and financial firms (Inmarsat), insurance and broking companies (Marsh, AON).
The discussions focused especially on how privatization of space activities could be sustained, on how the insurers and brokers could work together with the clients to produce adequate policy wordings, simplify the claims handling procedures and on how insurance could possibly mitigate the level of premiums through a better risk assessment. Special attention was given to the presentation of the privately funded SpaceShipOne operations, held by the American astronaut Brian Binnie. SpaceShipOne project opens up for the first time new prospects for space tourism and for several other operations where the state presence is not needed.
Among the final reports it’s been especially interesting the one by Paul Flament, administrator of Galileo Unit; he updated the audience about the well known Galileo project, the European satellite navigation system, with special reference to the issue of the market and its capacity to face the demands of cover insurance linked to civil liability risks.
The conference has been supported through all its stages by Antherica, from the preliminary works to the actual workshop. The conference’ site has been realized by Antherica, and it’s been kept up to date with the content management system AnthericaCMS. Also, the newsletters to participants and journalists have been sent through AnthericaMail, which allowed the organization to have exhaustive statistics on how and when recipients received, opened and clicked on links within the newsletter.