An irreplaceable partner for building operators since 1937, the MAPEI Group has entrusted Antherica with the creation of an app for the design of industrial flooring.

In the last few years, both in Italy and globally, e-commerce has grown a lot, with an additional boost due to the pandemic: hence the growing demand for adequate logistics centres, able to support this flow of goods. These structures have to be equipped with industrial flooring that meet both structural requirements, local and international regulatory standards, as well as increasingly stringent innovation and sustainability criteria.

Synthetic fibers play a central role in the design of modern industrial floors: they supplant traditional metal reinforcement, increase functionality and flexibility of flooring increasing its duration over time and reducing its impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

CFS Virtual Designer App is a user-friendly tool that will allow the company's technicians, but also designers and end users, to calculate the right amount of synthetic fiber to be used in flooring.
The new app also calculates, through the analysis of the life cycle, the total emissions in terms of CO2 of  the flooring.