The FT 1000, the ranking of the 1,000 European companies that recorded the highest growth in turnover between 2016 and 2019, was published today in the Financial Times: Antherica is one of them!
Another important milestone for our company.

Are you curious to know how this special ranking is processed?

FT 1000 uses the same evaluation parameters of the analysis already developed by Statista, parameters on the basis of which Antherica was included in 228th place in the list of 2020 Growth Leaders of Il Sole 24 Ore or the 450 Italian companies that registered the highest growth in turnover in the period 2016-2019 (read the news).

In this case, however, the panel of companies is wider since it includes both those that have registered online, on the portals of Statista and the Financial Times, to participate in the selection, and other 10,000 companies identified according to the requirements of the Financial Times and invited to take part.

We are particularly flattered by this recognition, in this historical moment in which, according to Accenture data, more than half of European companies have experienced a decline in turnover and profits in the past twelve months.

To find out more, do not miss the in-depth analysis that will be published in the Financial Times on March 22nd and follow us on our channels.
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