The station officially went on air in 1990 and was immediately a huge success, quickly becoming a benchmark for reggae and Jamaican culture lovers’. IrieFM has been using the newsletter system AnthericaMail to keep in touch with its customers sending updates, offers and news. Now Irie’s team has chosen to take up a new email marketing project, once again using AnthericaMail. The newly born enterprise is called DigitalDirect, and it is an email marketing solution dedicated to maximizing clients’ sales and building up business. They offer several mailing list packages suited to businesses of all sizes, and their comprehensive database allow to forward messages or press releases to a large number of addresses throughout Jamaica. Email marketing is becoming more and more popular because of its highly increasing effectiveness coupled with low costs, especially compared to other marketing solutions. To manage the mailing lists DigitalDirect is using AnthericaMail, which has been installed straight on its server and which provides exhaustive statistics on how and when recipients received, opened and clicked on links within the newsletter.
Thereby elaborating which services, products and news, published on the newsletter, are of most interest to the end recipient, making DigitalDirect’s new venture an efficient and functional marketing service. For further information: » » »