The new website of Pietranera Srl, a leading company in the hairdressing furniture sector, is online.

Developed on the basis of the graphic concept developed by the agency Inside Comunicazione, the site was created by Antherica on the proprietary platform AnthericaSuite and provides an integrated CMS for the insertion and updating of all the contents published online, as well as for the management, with appropriate tags, SEO and texts for the optimization of results on the Google SERP.

The new site maintains the rich database of contents already present on the old one: guaranteeing continuity in the insertion procedures and avoiding the project administrators an additional workload for re-entering the contents of which the site was populated over the more than ten years was a must for customers, as well as one of the fundamental commitments that the AnthericaSuite platform, thanks to its flexibility, allows them to meet without difficulty.

Fresh and pleasant, the new Pietranera site combines graphic elegance with optimal management of navigation architectures, databases and the back-end, with a result that translates, at the front-end level, into a pleasant project and excellent performance in terms of navigability, ease and speed of content retrieval.
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