Did you know that almost 50% of your recipients opens the newsletters from a smartphone?

Oh yes, by now we all read e-mails more often from mobile devices than from a computer, therefore views from desktop, the only resolution for which newsletters were designed until a few years ago, have drastically reduced.

This means that, in case you have not done so, yet, it's time to seriously consider how your newsletters are displayed on a smartphone. Not doing so would mean risking losing a slice of your recipients, up to almost 50%.

Why? You know, the unpleasant feeling of receiving an e-mail that is unreadable the moment you open it? Font is too small, buttons are not clickable, you need to scroll left and right to view all the content, you make desperate attempts to zoom it with your fingers...inapplicable desire to enlarge the screen of your mobile phone.

Usually, unless the content of that message is of vital interest for the recipient, she/he will close and trash the e-mail within a few seconds. We are all even less patient on the web.

This is why it is advisable to use a responsive template, able to guarantee that our newsletter is optimised for viewing from any device.

What are the key elements of responsive design for a newlsetter?

→ texts are always readable: the font becomes larger on mobile;
→ usable contents: images and texts adapt to the screen size; content blocks rearrange vertically so that none of them is outside the viewable area and that no elements are too small or need horizontal scrolling;
→ clickable buttons: it is useless to put a call to action (CTA) if the button does not work on mobile. "Click here to download the coupon", but the button is not touch... let's say goodbye to our potential buyers forever. In a responsive newsletter buttons will always be large enough, clearly visible and clickable.

It makes no sense to work hard on the contents for your newsletter if the recipients cannot read them. Key objective: use a responsive template and make sure, testing it on a preview, that your newsletter is optimised for mobile viewing.