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Founded in 1997, Melville offers its experience to accompany customers in diversified travel experiences: from study holidays to business travel, from the tour in the States to the honeymoon in the fjords, from running, with the most important world marathons, to "tailor-made" cruise.

For Melville we have created dedicated sites for each branch of activity, with differentiated targets and specific functions. - it is the institutional website of the agency, expression of the corporate mission. In addition to presenting the activities of Melville and its various sectors, from business travel to incentive, it introduces the two sites dedicated to running: Born2Run and We Run Italy. So, are you ready to go?

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Melville website has customized graphics, enriched by travel photographs taken in the five continents, which immediately project the visitor into more or less exotic horizons, near and far, stimulating the desire to have their suitcase ready.

Each sector of activity corresponds to a section of the site and is distinguished by an identifying color: the agency offers in fact a variety of services, with differentiated travel proposals, addressing both private travelers, families and groups, and companies, with the incentive sector. Recently, the Travel&Study sector has been added, with a rich list of study trips for children aged 9 to 18, and Travel&Work, intended for those who want to live a work experience outside in the context of school/work alternation.

For newlyweds, the site offers a reserved area dedicated to the management of the honeymoon-gift, where the travel data and the ways to contribute to it are made available; the bride and groom can then view the contributions of friends and relatives and the related greeting messages.

Although developed several years ago, the site is responsive, so that it can be easily navigated from any device.
visit the website - Venice marathon, Bologna marathon or the Chianti one that winds its way through vineyards, rows of cypresses and small villages rich in history in the heart of Tuscany? We Run Italy website is aimed mainly at foreigners who love running and the Belpaese, with a 42 km range that plows the length and breadth of the entire peninsula.

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The most beautiful marathons in Italy, dream locations together with the technical and organizational competence of the Born2Run staff to guarantee runners from all over the world the best running and travel experience.

We Run Italy is essentially a B2B site: it is not aimed at runners, but rather at foreign travel agencies who wish to make use of the experience of a specialized tour operator in the area to offer their customers the best selection of running events in the fascinating frame of well-known Italian locations, from Venice to Rome, from Portofino to Florence.

Together with the website and the content management system, the offer is completed by AnthericaMail newsletter platform, through which the agency's staff can independently design and implement their own B2B mailing campaigns.
visit the website - it's the site of the tour operator of the same name, B2R, and it is dedicated to running. While We Run Italy is mainly aimed at a foreign target, proposing events located in Italy, B2R broadens the range of the offer globally, accompanying runners to marathons and half marathons in every corner of the world. The offer includes more than 50 running events: from the famous NY Marathon, to the Athens marathon, passing through that of the Sahara, Lisbon and Kiev.

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back-office for the management of quotes and booking
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The Born2Run site is the virtual paradise of all those who love running and want to exercise their passion around the world. The offer includes more than 50 events located in the four corners of the globe, entirely managed by the B2R staff as regards the insertion and publication on the site. Each event has an in-depth information page with photos, information on the location and the route, downloadable brochures and useful news. Once the runners have chosen the marathon they are interested in, they can register and select all travel options (days of departure and arrival, flights, hotel etc., as well as any gadgets and ancillary services before and after the race). Then they can complete the reservation and make the online payment. Alternatively, they can request for information from the appropriate form or via the chat.

The management of reservations is facilitated by a back-office system that allows you to keep all data under control, to make changes to existing bookings, to grant discounts and promotions, to define the payment dates of down payments and balance.

The signing of the contract is done via the software, too: bookers receive a link through which they accept and sign the travel proposal.
The website then interfaces with the company management software and sends all the personal data and those relating to the reservation; another API allows interfacing with Allianz insurance company, budgeting and issuing travel insurance policies.

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Complexity made simple

The site and the related back-end system arise from very complex needs that have been discussed and carefully analysed together with the customer in order to transpose them into a software that would allow rationalising and streamlining the articulated set of work procedures inside the agency.

  • easily manage the travel proposals for each event, published with the availability of dates, flights, hotels, additional services;
  • boost the direct online purchase of the simplest packages;
  • optimise the management of complex bookings, including those of large groups;
  • have a standardised procedure to manage quotes;
  • normalize data collection, eliminating both the need for transposition from paper forms and the double data-input on the site and on company management software;
  • automate the management of rooming lists for hotels and flight lists for airlines (they were previously managed manually);
  • add additional services, like SMS messages and information e-mails (before, during and after the trip), online signing of the contract, the private area on the website, the fidelity card.
The result is a project with a high level of customisation that allows the customer to manage all back-end procedures without wasting time and resources. The front-end is pleasant, rich in information, but easy to surf. The website is well positioned on search engines and, in addition to streamlining daily work inside the agency, it gives a return in terms of image.

Thanks to the modularity of our solutions, the project has been enriched over time with new features and is still under development.

  • B2R staff now creates quotes directly from the website: this means standardisation and streamlining of each procedure. Each quote is saved in the database and e-mailed to the client. Recalls and communication with the client can be managed easier;
  • all content on the website can be managed via Anthericacms (content management system): this means the client can, for instance, duplicate and change each travel proposal, with no need for the webmaster and without any waste of time and money;
  • travellers can find each information they may need on the website; they can book their trip via the website and pay online, as well;
  • form the private area on the website (My Run) runners can check their reservations and their B2R card points balance (see below);
  • all personal information about travellers required for the trip, including identity documents, is collected via a web form: this allows B2R to manage this step quickly and without mistakes;
  • rooming lists and flight lists are generated automatically;
  • since runners often go alone to run their 42 km at the other end of the world, the booking system provides the possibility of reserving a man/woman place which will then be combined with other single places in double or triple rooms; rooming lists automatically manage these situations;
  • B2R staff can send SMS and e-mail communications to all customers registered for an event, filtering them among all reservations; 
  • runners are recidivous: they tend to run more marathons or the same one every year. A loyalty programme rewards frequent travellers: they gain kilometres for each purchase and they can spend them for new trips. The VIR (Very Important Runner) card is assigned to the runners who travel more often with B2R: it allows them to benefit special privileges;
  • all information relating to reservations, including signed contracts and personal data, are automatically exported to the company administrative management system;
  • the website also interfaces with a software from the insurance company Allianz that issues travel insurance policies: both users and B2R staff can view the quote for the policy during the booking stage and decide whether they want or don't want to add it to the travel package.

My Melville - the app for travellers and runners. "Ehi, you, that are taking part to the Kangaroo Island Marathon, did you already book your photo safari among the kangaroos?". 
My Melville is not only for runners, but for all travellers: the app gives real time updates about the events, travel plans, changes ecc. For urgent communication My Melville sends an SMS alert, too. The perfect pocket assistant for all travellers.

My Melville, mobile app

planning and development
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Available for both Android and iOS, My Melville has a public area, visible to all users, and a private area, accessible via login. In the public area you can find news of general interest, like offers or events.
Travellers who take part to a specific event have in addition a password for the private area: logging in they can find exclusive content, like the trip calendar, real time communications, changes to the travel plan, maps, logistic information. An SMS alert system helps travellers to be always informed also in case the do not have web connection. 

Administrator users can easily create news, upload documents, images and links. 

The access password to the reserved section of each event can be timed: it will be valid from a few days before its start to its entire duration, expiring at the end of the trip. 

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The newsletter

Melville uses our proprietary platform AnthericaMail for mass mailing communications, with customized templates for each of the business branches.

The newsletter platform, accessible in cloud, allows users to create the messages in various ways: using a drag&drop editor, from a web page, using a WYSIWYG text editor, in HTML directly. - anthericamail, e-mail marketing software.
Melville uses our proprietary platform Anthericamail for mass mailing communications, with customized templates for each of the business branches.